Order Fulfillment Timelines

This post is pinned and updated whenever there’s new information. Updated: 11/01/21


Never Nude Fulfillment Timeline

Here’s a shipping estimate reference for those who have Never Nude liners on order. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

10/17/21 Backorder expected to ship in NOVEMEBER: The restock shipment is taking longer than expected to arrive due to the current and on-going shipping issues worldwide. The container that has my order in it (with other products) has been held at customs for more thorough inspection. After it passes customs, the delivery time will be uncertain until it’s in UPS’s possession. However the last shipment went through this process in about 4 weeks. I feel as confident at this point that I’ll be shipping backorders before November ends, but there’s always a chance that further delays could occur. I’ll update again once I know it’s through customs inspection.

11/01/21: Updating today just to say I’ve been checking every day and asking for updates and pushing for the shipment to move on. I’m a small business, though, so I’m at the mercy of the system. Once I have a date for sure, it will be because UPS has the shipment; it’s usually only a couple days notice from the update to delivery. I still believe I’ll be shipping these orders sometime before the end of the month. My estimate doubled the longest time it’s ever taken, so I hope that’s enough of a cushion.

12/01/21: I’m so sorry I forgot to add an update here. I emailed everyone waiting on their backorders expected to ship in November last week before Thanksgiving with the update that there is still no movement on the restock shipment. There is nothing I can do but wait for UPS to pick it up. I’m so disappointed that it’s taking all this additional time. This is so far beyond the normal (even pandemic “normal”) that I do not know how to make a prediction.

12/08/21: I’m very nervous to write this update, because the last time I was told “2 weeks” it didn’t happen. BUT, there’s a tiny bit of new info. I’m being told that UPS should be able to pick up on Monday the 13th. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 If that’s actually true, there’s a slim chance of success for many of you hoping for delivery before Christmas, and I’m holding onto that possibility will all the hope I can muster. I’ll take any and all prayers, positive thoughts, and elf magic you can send my way to pull this off.

12/13/21: No update today as was promised. 😭😓 I’m going to be doing all I can to prep, but still no tracking information available.

12/16/21: Still no update. I was told late Monday that UPS should be picking up 12/15. That was yesterday, and there’s still no update on the tracking.

12/17/21: The day has finally come! UPS has my restock shipment of Never Nudes!!! 🙌 My awesome UPS driver says they have lots of help right now, so she thinks the delivery will be on time. 🤞🤞 If so, liners will be here next week. I never print labels ahead of the packages going out, but I may do that in this case to try and move everything along as efficiently as possible; I’ll be trying to ship the same day I get them. This is two months worth of orders I will be attempting to ship out in the shortest time possible.

12/21/21: NEVER NUDES ARE SHIPPING!!! A small group of boxes arrived yesterday and everything ordered in October has shipped as of today! Another delivery today brought me to about half the shipment delivered so far. I’ll be working to print and pack all November backorders tonight to ship out tomorrow.

12/23/21: NEVER NUDES ARE IN STOCK!!! I’ll be attempting to ship out the last of the backorders promised in December today, but a couple may go out first thing Monday. After today, I’ll be taking the 24th and 25th for (much needed) time with my family.

***IF YOUR ADDRESS HAS CHANGED, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP: nicole@created-by-couture.com 

If I do not reply within 24 hours with a confirmation, please message again and make it clear it’s a second attempt. Hopefully, I won’t miss anything but this is going to be quite a logistical marathon.

I’ll be shipping all that I can before Christmas. Sadly, the reality is: some packages will not arrive in time for Christmas day, and I’m so sorry. This is not how I expected the backorder to go, and I cannot thank everyone enough for your continued support and kindness during these times of frustration in the world of logistics. Please message me if I can help. I’ll be a little slower than usual to respond, but I’ll do my best. 



Play Couch Covers

Ready Rainbow (round one) and World of Tansy Fulfillment Timeline

Covers ordered during the website launch preorder and the current backorder (limited quantity, as available) are expected to be fulfilled in mid July (10-12 weeks from April 22nd as promised) Production is expected to be completed June 10th, leaving 4 weeks for shipping from the manufacturer. However shipping has been the most unpredictable step lately, and delays are unfortunately common. I’ll keep this updated as I know more.

6/15/21: Completion was delayed and even further impacted by the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. I now hope to have the shipment en route by June 30th. I am still hoping to have these in hand and shipping out mid-July. (I’m choosing faster shipping to make up for the delay.)

6/28/21: Looks like World of Tansy and Stitch, Finn, Kermit, Morty, Chuckie, and Muno are still going to be shipping on time. Hallie and Patrick are both delayed due to a zipper defect. I sent an email to everyone affected. 💗💜

7/10/21: At this point, it seems there is no way to ship all the World of Tansy and Ready Rainbow orders by the 12 week expectation and UPS is no longer showing an expected delivery date on the shipment. It’s been marked “delayed due to severe weather” for several days. I’m so sorry to once again be announcing unforeseen delays. I’ll be sending everyone affected an email update tonight. 

7/19/21: Some of the shipment has arrived and it looks great! While I’m so excited to get started shipping Tansy and Ready Rainbow covers, I’m not going to be able to fulfill all the orders now. There are still some pending boxes in the shipment. My plan is to go in timestamp order, and I apologize, because minutes apart in order time may mean days apart in shipping. But chronological order per style seems the most fair way to deal with the shortage until they arrive. The boxes all got a scan recently enough that I’m not worried about them being lost. Things being “delayed” is becoming the norm rather than on time it seems. I can’t thank everyone enough for their patience.

7/24/21: As of now, I’ll be able to start fulfilling World of Tansy and Ready Rainbow orders in August. Those impacted will receive an email from me. The delay in delivery means previous plans are now conflicting with getting the covers that are ready shipped; cosmetic flaws in the printing and sewing are also being addressed. In addition, I’m still waiting for some colors that were remade with new zippers. I can’t apologize enough for the delay in you getting your covers. I’ve learned a lot and preorders will no longer be and option going forward. As always I’m available to help with anything; please reach out–especially if you preordered a cover and did not get an email from help@created-by-couture.com

8/02/21: I’m so excited to say I shipped the first World of Tansy covers today (triangles sets) and I’ll be continuing to fulfill orders of Ready Rainbow covers for which I have stock this week. Once the remaining stock arrives, I’ll be getting through it as fast as I can and sending the info to those who opted for option 2 (to see flawed covers offered at a discount). As always I’m available to help with anything and answer questions if you have them. I’m looking forward to finishing all the preorders and restocking the website with the remaining covers.

8/10/21: I’ve gone through everything needed to fulfill orders and placed a reorder from my manufacturer for the items that have flaws. I will be photographing and uploading the flawed covers for those who chose option2 (to look at and potentially choose a flawed cover for discount). As soon as that is done, option2 folks will be emailed with instructions. Please expect it to take a couple weeks. Documenting everything and tracking individual pieces is going to take a long time. I’m doing my best to get everything done asap. Those who chose option1 (best quality covers), your covers are being shipped or remade this week. I’ll be trying to reach out to everyone via email with an update about your specific order if the covers need to be remade and are delayed further. I am ever-grateful your patience and support.

8/23/21: For those waiting on remakes: the first round of fabric and zippers arrived at the manufacturer and they will start asap remaking covers; I hope to have them before the end of September. For those waiting on the flawed covers (“option 2”), you haven’t missed anything. It is taking waaaaay longer than I originally anticipated to get them all photographed and individually inventoried and listed in a format for viewing. We are also working through a death in the family and the responsibilities associated. It’s been a rough month. I’m trying to get everything wrapped up in the next week or two and will email everyone the info. Take care and hug your loved ones tight.

9/14/21: For those who chose option 2 to take a look at the flawed covers, I sent out your email with instructions on 9/9/21. Hoping this update will help you find it; I haven’t heard back from several people.
For those waiting on the standard quality covers, there’s more bad news, unfortunately. The test print did not turn out correctly, so we are investigating if the fabric or printing is to blame so it can be fixed.

9/17/21: For those who chose option 1, a partial replacement shipment arrived that will allow me to ship some of the orders on Monday. I’m going in order number sequence. The printing problem mentioned above is resolved and production of those covers is underway. I hope that the remaining covers will arrive by the first week in October according to the latest update. China’s Mid-Autumn festival is approaching and causes a production delay; the shipment will have to leave after the holiday.

11/01/21: I forgot to update earlier that all preorders are fulfilled. I will work on prepping the remaining stock for purchase on the site soon. Please be sure to check the “Specials” page for deals on less-than-perfect items.