Created by Couture is perhaps best known for Never Nude waterproof liners, but there is much more happening: covers in custom colors and combinations, supplies and patterns for making your own designs, collaborations with fellow enthusiastic creators, and more! I hope you’ll join me in my Created by Couture Studio facebook group where I share sneak peeks and announce new products.

a word of thanks

So many people I knew from being an active member of the play couch community supported me and trusted me to deliver a product even with a really long timeline. It’s actually all the supporters that I really can’t thank enough for helping to make Created by Couture as successful as it is now. While Never Nudes continue to sell out faster than they are made, I know that the success of sales has everything to do with satisfied customers sharing with their friends and in the play couch groups. Having the trust and support of my customers is the most amazing feeling, and I will always be working hard to be worthy of it. -Nicole